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How to install your new Inground Trash Can

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Quick Installation Method

Locate your Underground Receiver on the highest available ground where there is no abnormal water drainage, such as exists near a downspout. A place near the back door will give quick, easy access in all kinds of weather.

Dig or auger a hole 6" to 8" deeper than the unit and at least 4" wider than the Shell diameter if the hole is dug. This makes it easier to tamp the earth around the Shell. Fill the extra depth with coarse gravel or stone to form a base for good drainage.

Set the Receiver in the hole with the Step pointing in the most convenient position for opening the Lid. Tamp the earth tightly against the Shell and slope the earth up to the top edge of the Shell. Be sure to keep the Shell round (check by placing the Insert-Can in the Shell - it should slip in easily). Also be sure the Hinge works freely.

The handiest tools for digging the hole are post-hole diggers, hand or gas augers. Multiple cans are easily augered with a small machine-mounted auger available on a rental basis at many hardware stores and contractors. You can also contact your distributor for local installation.

It is good practice to allow the top of the Receiver to be at least 2" above ground level. This elevation will drain water away from the Receiver in all directions.

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