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How to install a new Camber Inground Trash Can in an existing Chief liner.

Posted by Don McWilliams on

Step One.

If you have the tools and safety equipment you can install a can yourself.

Otherwise have a local contractor do the work for you.

Using an angle grinder, cut two 2" vertical slots in old liner inside of hinge brackets as shown.Now cut out the piece between the two slots.

Step two.
Slide your new Cambercan Liner into the old Chief Liner and align hinge holes as shown in the photo.


Slide new Cambercan unit into the cutout as shown

Place two bolts or one long bolt thru the old hinge holes and the new liner hinge holes as shown.

Add pea gravel to fill in void up to bottom cross member at the bottom on the liner This will provide drainage for any water that might seep into the new liner.

Step Five

Fill the gap in between the old and new liner with play sand


Complete by using spray foam like Great Stuff to finish off filling the gap.

You are done!

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